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Tematres View

What is it ?

Tematres View is a simple plugin independant from Tematres but wkith it, you can consult friendly the list of term (search, alphabetical, hierarchical and detail's view).


Link to demonstration soon… * Thésaurus de Coordination SUD


TematresView is available in https://adullact.net/projects/tematresview/

How to install

Installation of Tematres and Tematres View are independant. To work with Tematres View, Tematres must already be installed, configured and completed (id. work fine).

First you have to upload Tematres View in a AMP'server (php5 is required to read XML).

Second time, you have to edit the include/inc.functions.php to set the adress of Tematres-XML-services you want to use. (You can use too with a multiple tematres installation, see in the file).

And that's all :)


The goal of Tematres View is to access a thesaurus and choose a term to index another web'element.

To do that, in the inc.functions file, you have the function personnal_add(). This function print what you want after each term of the main list during consultation. You can by example write a javascript function who return in a defined textarea the choosed term when click.

You can try first to open a alert box with the id term and the string term A lot of things is possiblle…


Tematres View is available on the CeCILL V2 licence (like GPL but french, and compatible with GPL).